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Farm bill mix-up

May 21, 2008

Albany--The problem-plagued farm bill just ran into another bizarre problem no one anticipated.

After months of delays and negotiations, Congress finally passed the bill.

The President vetoed it, but Congress sent him the wrong bill with 34-pages missing.

That mistake wasn't discovered until after the House voted to override the veto and just before the Senate was to vote.

U.S. senator Saxby Chambliss said the real bill does more than subsidize farmers.

More than 70-percent of the money goes to nutrition programs such as food stamps, school lunches, and food banks.

"We certainly have seen increases in prices at the grocery store our food banks are going to have more money with which to provide their service to needy people all across the southwest portion of our state, there are a lot of reasons I had hoped he would sign the bill, and frankly I am disappointed that he didn't sign it," said Senator Saxby Chambliss(R) Georgia.  

Since the wrong bill was vetoed, leaders are now trying to figure out if it would actually become law if the Senate overrides the veto.


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