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NFL star indicted for involuntary manslaughter

May 21, 2008

Blakely--It was the early morning hours of February 3rd when a fight between two groups of men broke out on Church Street in front of Pokeys night club. While most consider it tragic, members of this small community say it wasn't completely shocking.  "It wasn't really a surprise in the area that it happened in, there's a lot of violence that goes on down there," said Blakely resident Michael Corley.

A young pregnant woman, Korynda Reed was a bystander but was shot and killed during the fight.  Four months after the shooting, this week, a grand jury handed down indictments to the people they say played a role in that night's events.

Investigators say Laquient Macklin is charged with murdering Reed and her unborn baby. New Orleans Saints Defensive end and former UGA player Charles Grant is charged with involuntary manslaughter and willingly being involved in a fight in public. Six other men, including Macklin face the same charges.   Woodrow Gray was also indicted for aggravated assault for stabbing Grant in the neck during the fight. 

"I've heard people say that, that it was going to be swept under the rug because of where it happened and who it happened to and what have you. I think they're going to be glad something's being done," said Corley.

Investigators say they already have several men in custody.  Attorneys for Grant and others have made arrangements for the men to surrender.

Grant is from Colquitt in Miller County. He was home on an off-season visit when the altercation happened.


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