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Hay prices up

May 21, 2008

Valdosta - Fuel costs have driven up the price of hay.

Smaller businesses are struggling to pay for it and growers are having a hard time getting it off the farm.

Both say it's extremely tough on business.

There are 35 horses on JustAmere farms.

Owner Amanda Adamski says the price to feed them has never been so high.  "Our hay bill runs between $1000-$1500 per month. We feed about 30 round bails a month."

In fact, hay prices have doubled over the past two years.

"Two years ago we were paying $25.00 a roll. Now we are paying $50.00 per roll of hay," Adamski adds.

But it's not much easier for hay growers like June Strawder. His hay is stacking up.

Hay that should have been shipped off months ago.  "The trucker could not truck the hay where it was needed. Fuel prices prohibited him to truck the hay to where it was needed," Strawder says.

As fuel prices continue to rise, so does the cost to grow hay.  "When fuel goes up, fertilizer goes up and everything else goes up."

And of course the cost to buy it. Prices that force people from the hay, horse, and livestock industry all together.

"People are more reluctant to won a horse because they know its going to cost more to care for them," Adamski says.

"They need hay but can't afford it so therefore they were reducing their herd to get by with what winter feed they have," Strawder adds.

And those who are still involved to tighten the reins to keep business a float.

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