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It only takes a second to click your seat belt


May 20, 2008

Dougherty County -- It only takes a second to click your seat belt, but more than two-thirds of young drivers killed in nighttime crashes didn't take that second to buckle-up. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released that figure this week.

Georgia law enforcers just kicked-off the "100 days of summer heat" campaign to remind drivers that seat belts save lives.

They say when inexperienced drivers are on the road at night, it's especially important for them to buckle up.  

"Teens that have other teens in the car are four times more likely to be in a wreck.  And they're also twice as likely to be killed by not wearing their seat belt.  So when you put those statistics together, they can become overwhelming, but that's something we're trying to change.  And that's why we're doing our enforcement," said Lt. Tom Jackson of the Dougherty County Police.

Anyone under the age of 18 must buckle up, even if they're in a pick-up truck.

With Memorial Day coming up, local law enforcers will set up road-blocks. They encourage you to slow down, wear your seat-belt and don't drink and drive.