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Police car vandalized at house fire

May 20, 2008

Albany -- An Albany Police car was vandalized at the scene of a house fire Monday night.

 About 11 o'clock, a candle started a fire in the bedroom at this house on Meadow Drive in East Albany. Gloria Jackson's family got out of the house safely, but most of her belongings were destroyed.

While firefighters were battling the blaze, vandals attacked a Police Car parked nearby. They smashed the back window with a brick, pelted the car with eggs, and let air out of a tire.

Jackson said she is not surprised, it's a dangerous neighborhood. Jackson said "folks fighting everyday. They fight everyday. They just keep up mess. And I'm ready to go anyway, because I'm tired of them."

 Firefighters estimate the blaze did $32,000 damage to Jackson's home.

City officials say it should cost 600 dollars to fix the Police Car's window.

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