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Theft victim unhappy with loss, police response

Damage left behind in Bulloch's property by the thieves Damage left behind in Bulloch's property by the thieves

May 20, 2008

Albany --  Copper thefts continue to plague Albany businesses- some more than once.  One Albany businessman says copper thieves just stripped his rental property for the third time.

To make matters worse, he claims police aren't doing anything about it.  He says 24 hours after he reported the crime, he was still waiting for police to show up.     

Alan Bulloch looks over the damage copper thieves did to his rental home on South Street. " They knocked holes up in the ceiling. Went up in the attic, tore all the copper out.  Stole all the copper they could get, and just tore up stuff,"  Bulloch said.

This is the third time thieves have stripped this house while he tries to fix it up.  "Every time I get started on it for the last six months, they break in it.  Steal the copper, tear it up, break out windows, just destroy it,"  Bulloch said.

He also says Albany Police have been no help. "I called yesterday morning at mid-morning.  And now it's 20 minutes to 11 now, still haven't heard anything from them.  So where do I get help from?"

Bulloch had two of his employees sleep in the home last night to guard it, while they rewire the house again. "One thing that really surprised me," says contractor Kenneth Haltiwanger. "With Mr. Bulloch reporting the thefts yesterday, not the first police officer even rode by here last night."

Bulloch is afraid his insurance company will drop him if he reports another theft, so he will pay for the repairs himself-- about six thousand dollars to replace wire and panels.

"They know what they are doing. They know what they are after, and they know what's easy to sell," said Matthew Bulloch.

Leaving Bulloch wondering what to do with rental property, with crime keeping him from renting it.  "I don't know. I just don't know what I'm going to do with it," he said.

And he is still waiting for the Albany Police.   Albany Police say they are checking into how Bulloch's theft report was misplaced, and they contacted him Tuesday afternoon.   


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