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Safety takes center stage at Dump Truck Rodeo

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May 19, 2008

Albany -- Public works employees from all over South Georgia showed off their driving skills in Dougherty County's first dump truck rodeo.

16 truck drivers had to weave the massive truck through several traffic cones in the timed course.

These conditions simulate challenges they may face driving the dump truck through traffic. The test also focuses on practicing safety.

"If you ever get behind the wheel of one of these things, you can just imagine the mass behind them and the confined spaces you have to deal with. It's an issue and that is the reason we try to get these drivers out and compete to see what areas they need to go out and work on," said Director of Public Works, Larry Cook.

The Public Works drivers got a penalty every time their truck touched one of the cones. Part of the competition included a 10-question written exam.

Jonathon Rogers from Dougherty County Public Works was the winner.