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Disturbing cell phone images make the rounds at Lee County High School

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May 19, 2008

Lee County-  Nude cell phone photos are a problem at a South Georgia High School.

Technology has opened new doors for risky behavior. In Leesburg, some teens at the high school are using cell phones to send nude pictures of each other.

Lee County School resource officer Corporal Jason Anthony says he's looking into several cases where students have taken nude pictures of themselves then sent them to other students. The photos are being passed from cell phone to cell phone in the school halls.

"They're sending things like their private areas, they send them to their boyfriends, they film themselves and their friends kissing things like that, send them to their boyfriends and when the boyfriends get mad, they send them to their friends and they end up all over the school," said Cpl. Jason Anthony.

In one case, Anthony said, the graphic pictures made it all the way to someone's cousin serving in Iraq. He said when school officials and police find out who's responsible, the students will be punished. Teens could be charged with Internet pornography and in some cases where one party is 18 and the other is 14, child pornography.

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