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Can race track owners muffle the noise?

May 19, 2008

Albany - Dougherty County Commissioners postpone a vote to allow racing of stock cars, trucks and other vehicles at the Albany Motor Speedway, but are hopeful that mufflers will help solve the noise problem at the track.

Applicant Harold Farnsworth has amended his request for special approval. He has defined what days the race track will be in operation and says cars will not be on the track after 11:00 PM. He also says he'll install a 10 foot dirt berm to reduce noise, and mufflers will be installed on all motorized vehicles, but commissioners want to know if that will solve the noise problem.

Commissioner Jack Stone said, "What I'd like to know is what kind of mufflers are they talking about and how much is it going to cut the noise down? The bottom line of what we're looking at on this thing is noise. Noise, noise noise."

In a letter hand delivered to the County Administrator, investor Bob Brooks and race track owner Harold Farnsworth claim the commission's previous vote to require a 25 foot berm would violate due process and their Fifth Amendment rights. The commission will vote on the Special Approval at a meeting next Wednesday.



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