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Saving $ at the grocery store

May 18, 2008

Albany--From the gas station, to the grocery store, you can't escape the rising prices these days.

In the past year, food prices have increased more than 5 percent.

The skyrocketing prices are forcing many families to make some tough choices when it comes to purchases.

We all want to save cash at the grocery store, 30 cents here, 40 cents there, it all helps with gas prices as high as they are.

Stores are paying more to get products, and we're paying more to buy them, forcing many to make changes.

"Basically I just cutting back, not going out as much and stuff," said Brooke Hixon.

Cutting back elsewhere is great to compensate for high prices, but another great idea is to find a store with the lowest prices. Even if it's not close or convenient the savings may be worth it.

"Yeah it does affect me, I have not shopped as much for you know girly things, I haven't cut groceries but I have not shopped as much for clothing," said Betsy Bridger.

For more savings clip those coupons they can help you save in the check out line, but another option is to buy items on sale, which can be just as effective.

Pringles are a perfect example of how stores are passing the high price of shipping to customers, at an Albany area Piggly Wiggly they use to be ten for $10 now they're just four for $5."

Consider buying store brand items when you shop for food in most stores they tend to be cheaper than the name brand.

"They're certain brands I stick to, if I can and I'm still clinging to those, but my husband just walked by with some coffee that he's buying purely because it had coupons," said Bridger.

Having a shopping list in had at the store could also be a great deterrent form buying items on impulse.

"Lists defiantly help out because you just don't pick everything that you see, you get exactly what you need," said Jaye Lomax.

The list will help because it will have the items you need and save you from going back and forth to the store wasting time and money.

"Usually when I go to the grocery store I'll just go aisle by aisle look at it and see what I need, and say yeah dump it in, but these days I'm making a list, buying exactly what I need and not any more because things are expensive," said Lomax.

Expensive indeed and every bit of savings helps.

It is widely believed that Tuesday is the best day to pull out your list and coupons and head to the store.

That's because you can avoid crowds and have your pick of the produce and sale items.


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