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Get ready for the "Click it or Ticket" crackdown

May 18, 2008

Albany -- It only takes a few seconds, but can be the most important thing you do when you get behind the wheel. "Anytime you are driving on the road there is potential of having an accident," said Dougherty County Police, Lieutenant M. J. Woods.

And putting your seat belt can save your life if you do. So why do so many go unbuckled.

"We wanted to know why you guys don't have your seat belts on? We just got in the truck and just hadn't done it yet."

"I just forgot to put it on."

"I don't believe in wearing them. A good friend of mine, if he would have had his seat belt on during a car accident it would have killed him."

"Sometimes you just don't think about it."

No matter what your excuse is, statistics show that those who wear seat belts stand a better chance of surviving an accident. In the 2006 Memorial Day holiday, 15 of the 22 Georgia crash fatalities involved victims who were not wearing their seat belt.

"I have seen way to many people in accidents who get killed because they are not wearing their seat belt."

"It's not only what you see at the scene, but when you have to talk to relatives and the loss that they experience could've been avoided had they worn a seat belt," said Lt. Woods.

"I always make sure to where my seatbelt, even during short trips." This is the right idea, because your seat belt can be the difference of being able to live another day.


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