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Two teens injured in southside shooting

May 17, 2008

Albany--A shooting in the City of Albany sent more than a dozen people scattering to find cover when gunshots rang out in a southside neighborhood.

It happened just after midnight on Mercer Avenue.

Several bullets flew...two of them injuring two bystanders.

both of the people struck by a bullet were teenagers, but thankfully neither of them was seriously injured.

One resident we spoke with says she remembers when the 800 block of Mercer Avenue in Albany was much safer.

Erma King recalls the ordeal.

"I was in my bedroom and I heard something, sounded like a fire cracker so I didn't move I said Lord the children out there shooting fire crackers," said King.

There were no firecrackers, it was gunshots.

According to police reports a long rusty blue car came down South Van Buren Street Turned onto west Mercer and opened fire.

"They just started going real slow, then all of a sunned we heard gun shots, boom, boom, boom, so everybody started looking back then we realized it wasn't no game," said Ebony Jackson. 

No game at all because two people were injured in the hail of gunfire.

I heard like eight or nine shots I mean, children were running from everywhere, and my nephew ran in the house and he was bleeding, he just was a mess."

A 17-year-old male was hit in the back of his thigh and a 15-year-old female was struck in the foot.

"He said he was sitting in the middle room and when he heard it he said he ran back out to see because he said he thought his cousin was being jumped on and he ran out and when he ran out he met one of the bullets," said King, the male victim is her nephew.  

Witnesses said between ten and fifteen shots were fired, one entered a house next door to where the shooting happened, another hit a car, both reminders of the terrifying night.

"When I realized it was real I just hit the floor and all us just started running," said Jackson.

Erma said this neighborhood wasn't always like this.

"We moved here when I was eight, and this use to be the best street to live on, but now this is the worse street to live on right here."

The Albany Police department is still investigating the shooting, if you have any information about this case call crime stoppers at (229) 436-TIPS.


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