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We're paying more for produce

May 16, 2008

Albany--You know the price of gas is sky high, and food prices are rising too.

You might be able to save a few bucks and buy the freshest produce.

Food stands like the one at 3rd and Slappey in Albany are showing up all around south Georgia, and they often sell for less.

We found one grocery store selling large tomatoes for $1.99 each.

At this stand, you get an entire basket for that price.

This vendor says she's seeing a lot more business.

"People that stop by here they get more for their money, and we've had a lot of tomatoes sold today and I know a lot of people go to the grocery store and by tomatoes but they're cheaper here," said fruit vendor Erin Allen.

"With the gas prices, the fruit stands are cheaper and you try to save money the best way you can, every penny helps," said Deborah Hudson, a customer who stopped by. 

Rising production and transportation costs are leading to higher prices in grocery stores.

Increased demand for corn for ethanol production is also a factor.

The World Bank said last week the U.S. should stop using corn for bio fuel production.

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