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MCLB Liquidates surplus metal

May 15, 2008

Albany--As workers at Albany's Marine base develop better armor for military vehicles in Iraq, you can actually buy some of the old armor.

The military is getting rid of scrap metal parts that don't meet current needs in the battle field.

All this armored plating, cab armor, and armored doors at the MCLB scrap yard will be auctioned off after they're demilitarized.

Most of the items are early parts that could only resist small arms fire.

The military now has better equipment like this that can withstand powerful explosives.

"The scrap armor is that armor from generations ago, that was utilized several years ago for armory and since that time new technology has been developed, improvements have been made and we've now been able to provide a much better armor," said Lt. Caleb Eames, MCLB Public Affairs Office.

For a link to the government Liquidation web site where you can bid on the parts click the link below.


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