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Buchie Ibeh talks home and his love for roses in this week's Wildcats Corner

May 15, 2008

Albany -   Wildcats receiver Buchie Ibeh is Cecil Lester's guest in this week's Wildcats Corner.

Cecil Lester "Hey we are back. This is Wildcats Corner. I am Cecil Lester and i am here with my guy Buchie Ibeh. Buchie you started out a little slow but now you are starting to get back on track. tell me how did you do it?

Buchie Ibeh "There is an old adage I heard for a long time. Slow and steady was the race that is first of and then there is the other one. It is a marathon. While we are on the idea of races, it is a marathon. But now I am in my groove. I am in the swing of things. I am going to turn into a snowball effect."

Cecil Lester "Right. Now, Buchie tell the people out there where are you originally from?

Buchie Ibeh "I am from a lot of places. Most notable I am from the Garden State. For those that are not in the know that is New Jersey. (background "yea Jersey baby.") Right above the Mason-Dixon line. I am an up north fellow but enjoy my stay down here. You guys are very warm and receptive down here in Georgia and I love thanks a lot.

Cecil Lester "we try to be. Buchie here is the last question of the day. Tell the Wildcats fans and your fans something they don't know about you. I know that they might not know.

Buchie Ibeh "South Georgia I like walks on the beach."

Cecil Lester "There you go"

Buchie Ibeh "When the walk is up. Long stem roses. Cut them and put aspirin in the water so they can last longer. Southwest Georgia when you see me roses please."

Cecil Lester "Whoa! That was big. We are signing off on that not. I am Cecil Lester. This is Buchie Ibeh. This is Wildcat Corner."

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