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Two arrested for January murder

Antonio Seay Antonio Seay
Kentrell Barney Kentrell Barney

May 15, 2008

Albany -- Four months after the mysterious beating death of a man in east Albany, Police say they finally cracked the case. Two young men are in jail charged with killing 52 year old John Barbre.

He was a key witness in a murder from last year, and one of his accused killers was also connected to that case.

Albany Police have charged 20 year old Kentrell Barney and 18 year old Antonio Seay with murder, in the beating death of 52 year old John Barbre. Early January 15th two students walking to school found Barbre beaten and barely conscious in front of the Tallulah Massey Branch Library. He died two days later from a massive blow to the head.

Investigators say the two men knew Barbre, and speculate they attacked him for money. Albany Police Captain Charles Poole said "it was a robbery."

In March of last year, Barbre helped lead Police to suspects in the murder of former paramedic Jack Camp. But Investigators again Thursday said they don't think that connection had anything to do with his murder.

Poole said "his name did come up in the Jack Camp murder. But as far as being able to say these individuals killed Mr. Barbre because of that, no, we can not say that at this time. We can not prove it."

 Besides the head injury, Barbre had lacerations to his knees, elbows, feet, and chin when he was found, leading to speculation that he may have been thrown from a car. Investigators refused to discuss that part of the case, but said since arresting the two men Wednesday night, witnesses have told them more about the murder.

Poole said "since we put these individuals in jail, we have received additional information. Witnesses are coming forward at this time."

Barney was arrested January 30th for making false statements to Police about the Barbre case. He was also indicted for lying to Investigators about the Camp case. Barney and Seay are being held in the Dougherty County Jail. Police expect to file more charges against them.

There have been six murders in Albany this year. Investigators have made arrests in four of them and have taken warrants in another case. One murder remains unsolved.


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