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Local candidates take their message to MySpace

May 15, 2008

Albany-  A Dougherty County Sheriff's candidate takes his campaign to the Internet.

Kevin Sproul's daughters encouraged him to reach out to younger voters who may vote for their first time. They helped him create a my space page for his campaign. It received 20-hits just last night. Sproul says it's a great tool to reach younger voters who may otherwise miss his message.

"If you look at that age group, most of them spend a lot of their time, four, five, six hours a day on MySpace or Facebook or those Internet sites, they don't go to web sites like your or I would and they don't look at billboards a lot and some of them don't read the newspaper or watching television they spend all of their time text messaging or on MySpace," said Captain Kevin Sproul, Dougherty County Sheriff's office Candidate.

In the last two weeks, Sproul's MySpace page has added 231 friends. Sproul also plans to launch a web site to get his platform to voters. James Williams and Benita Childs are also running for Dougherty County Sheriff. We know that Lee County Tax Commissioner candidate Sue Smith also has a MySpace page.

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