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Extrusion company is opening a new plant in Tifton

May 14, 2008

Tifton--A new company is moving into Tifton and is bringing dozens of jobs with it.

Tifton Extrusions will move into the former Tifton Aluminum plant.

It's parent company based in Ohio will manufacture aluminum extrusions that are sold to a variety of businesses such as door and window companies.

"Here we were looking at this facility when it came on the market for sale strictly for the paint line," said Roy E. Smith, president of Tifton Extrusions Inc.

Right now the company uses outside venders for paint line production.

With this acquisition they will no longer have to use outside vendors for painting.

"Here we'll be able to paint our own product and it opens up more of the market to us and more of a customer base," said Smith.

The company is looking to hire up to 80 employees in its first year and about 150 at peek production.

"I actually like the area seems like there's going to be a good work force here for us, the department of development helped us tremendously to get through the deal," said Smith.

Company officials have been back and forth from Ohio working to close the deal since December.

"We talked to Alcoa into selling it to us rather than scrapping it and tearing the building down, to let us take it and let us expand it," said Grady Thompson, Tift County Development Authority.

In addition to jobs for south Georgians, the location also gives the company more coverage in the Southeastern part of the U.S.

"The southeast market is ripe, you can expect a lot of growth once we get through these financial crisis and fuel prices you can expect a lot of expansion in the Southeast part of the U.S.," said Thompson.

"This is a great day for us, each success builds on success," said Thompson.

Success Tifton hopes for, to build on for it's future.

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