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Dry conditions could lead to hot fires


May 14, 2008

Albany--  Wildfires are still burning in Florida and Georgia Forestry rangers say if conditions don't get better, the same thing could happen here.

A year ago, fires scorched hundreds of thousands of acres in south Georgia. Rangers don't expect a repeat but they say we need rain to reduce the fire danger.

They've seen an increase in the number of controlled burns getting out of control and they're closely watching what's happening in Florida.

"They're working on it. They're getting a little closer. It wouldn't take anything to get a situation like that here because we are as dry as they are basically because we haven't been having any rainfall," said Dougherty County Chief Ranger Deanna Pietras.

It's best to call your local Forestry Commission office to find out the conditions before you burn. It's also illegal to burn without a permit.

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