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Asphalt prices aren't smooth

May 14, 2008

Albany/Leesburg--  High oil prices aren't just affecting the cost of driving but also the cost of what we drive on.

The roads we drive on are getting more expensive to build and repair. According to the Department of Transportation, asphalt prices are up 36-percent from last May to $413 a ton.

About 10-percent of Boyd Brothers Construction's business is paving. They purchase their asphalt from other companies. Since they're paying more, they have no choice but to pass those costs on to customers.

"Ashpalt is not the only thing that's being affected. Rock, concrete. We're a very fuel intense industry. Everything is being affected," said Boyd Construction Company Estimator Ryan Boyd.

"A few years back for what we get in SPLOST allocation, we could do a 40 or 50,000 ton contract. With commodity prices being the way they are, with the next sales tax referendum, it may be less than that," said Albany Public Works Director Phil Roberson.

Albany's Public Works Department is now more selective in which streets they pave. Because of the higher prices, they postpone roads that aren't in dire need of repaving.



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