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Doctors urge Hospital to drop lawsuit

May 14, 2008

Albany -- The Phoebe Putney Hospital medical staff wants hospital administrators to drop a lawsuit against a doctors office.

The Doctors voted 16 to 6 to ask Phoebe Putney and the Alliance of Community Hospitals to drop their lawsuit against the Department of Community Health and Albany Surgical in particular. The suit was part of Phoebe's fight to prevent surgeons from being allowed to open their own outpatient surgery centers.

 This year the general assembly passed a law allowing that, but the lawsuit still remains against the Albany Surgeons. Albany Surgical's Dr. Price Corr said "we have 93 years of total years served to that hospital over the last several years, and it bothers me that it has cost us a great deal of money for legal fees to defend ourselves in a lawsuit that we didn't really do."

Dr. Corr said Phoebe C-E-O Joel Wernick has taken steps to have the lawsuit dropped, and Corr said he hopes both sides can move on to treat their patients.


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