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Peanuts ticket holders still waiting on refunds

May 14, 2008

Albany -- Fans who bought season tickets from the South Georgia Peanuts professional baseball team still have not received their refunds.

 As you know, the South Coast League canceled the upcoming season and that left ticket holders holding the bag.

Don Person was a huge South Georgia Peanuts fan, owning two season tickets through the teams 2007championship season. And they bought tickets for the 2008 season, before the South Coast League folded.  Person said "four of us bought season tickets for this coming year. And were just shocked when we heard they were not going to play. "

 April 1st the South Coast League said ticket buyers could get a refund by mailing their invoices to their Macon office. Person sent his form, and has called many times.  But now 7 weeks later is still waiting.  Person said "we lost our money it appears."

At the Peanuts ballpark office, court subpoenas line the door. Their phones blinking, messages unanswered. The championship trophy the Peanuts won sits on the confiscated office furniture. The team still owes the city $33,000 for use of the ballpark.

Assistant City Manager Wes Smith said "we can't get them on the phone. It's like the league has disappeared completely."

Until Wednesday.

We asked Chad Parker if he knew they still owe a lot of people money.   "I'm not affiliated with them. I have no idea," he said. 

When the league came to pick up its uniforms. Parker said  "I have no idea. Somebody called me and said we need you to go pick up a load of something. That's all I know." Former Macon Music Manager Chad Parker picks up the left over uniforms, which the city said the league could have back. Parker said "I'm out of a job just like everybody else. I'm just being contracted to come get these uniforms, that's all I know"

"Do you think you'll ever see your money?  Person said "No, to be honest, no."

But pro baseball could be back in Albany this summer. Smith said "we have had some discussions with another group that may want to play at least a partial season this year, and we're hopeful of that."

 But there is not much hope the South Georgia Peanuts or the South Coast League will ever do the right thing, and pay back the money they owe.

Wes Smith said the city is holding the team's furniture until they pay their debt.


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