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Last years drought could weaken south GA trees this year

May 14, 2008

Albany-  With the risk of more strong storms blowing through south Georgia this week, you might want to check the trees in your yard.

They could be compromised from last year's drought.

This year's warm spring and rain deficit continues to stress trees across south Georgia. Albany's arborist is checking trees across the city and seeing signs of damage.

She says right now you shouldn't prune or fertilize your trees because that could cause further damage. To strengthen trees you can do two things, water and mulch.

"Most people think a little bit of water every day, that's not good. It's better to water them one time a week, but water them one inch depth per caliper, tree caliper, and get them a good soaking and also by mulching, don't put the mulch right up to the base of the trunk," said Ili Si Malone, Albany Arborist.

She recommends keeping mulch at least six inches from the tree's trunk. One gust of wind can bring down the tallest tree if it's root system is weakened.



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