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Albany Tomorrow Inc defends their performance

May 14, 2008

Albany -- Albany Tomorrow Incorporated is defending its work in downtown Albany as city commissioners question whether to continue funding the organization.

A.T.I. leaders insist they continue to do vital work downtown. Last year, the City agreed to give A.T.I. $300,000 over two years to manage downtown projects and help pay A.T.I's operational budget.

Now, city commissioners say they want to evaluate A.T.I. 's progress before they give more money.

"We have met the stipulations in the requirements of the contract. If the city wants to perform an evaluation of A.T.I., it's fine with me. And we can use the same evaluation instrument used for all the other agencies," said A.T.I. Board Chairman, Dr. C.W. Grant.

The City of Albany gave Albany Tomorrow $150,000 last year. Commissioners are now debating how much to give A.T.I. in the coming budget year.


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