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Security cameras play major role in solving crimes

May 14, 2008

Albany-- Captured on surveillance camera is the masked face of killer -just moments before he guns down a store clerk behind the counter of a Moultrie convenience store last June.

While the killer has yet to be caught, the main tool investigators had to work with was the video recorded on security cameras.

"There is a lot of locations that we have them in now where only one person works on a shift. It's almost like having a second person there all the time," says Mike White, service manager with Central Monitoring in Albany.

"They're becoming more affordable. You can get a small, basic system now for about $1,500 to $2,000 completely installed," he says.

From auto thefts to bank robberies, surveillance cameras have the ability to capture crimes from start to finish. But as new technologies emerge, so does the quality of picture.

"They're all high definition, high resolution cameras. They can play just like a DVR plays now at your home. It's a much better picture quality," says White.

Just last year, surveillance video aided police in the arrest of two women dubbed the "Barbie Bandits" for their role in the robbery of a Bank of America in Acworth. Banks, however, are required to have security cameras installed. But some business, whether they be restaurants or convenience stores, don't have them in place. And while some experts say cameras don't necessarily deter crime, the evidence gathered on film can be critical during an investigation.

White says, "It's good for the police to have a good video tape or a DVR that they can go back to in order to identify the people."


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