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Drivers pay more year to year

May 13, 2008

Albany--  It's like a broken record.  There were more record high gas prices Tuesday.

You know prices are way up.  But how does that really add up? How much more money do we need to drive the same amount?

These days, most drivers are in no rush at all to pull up to the pumps. "Oh, they're just ridiculous," said driver Venise Lewis.

Depending on the vehicle, some are squeezing the handle more and longer than others and it isn't cheap. "It's going to cost me between $60 and $70," said driver Debbie Zeurn.

Gas prices are so high that some people are stealing it.  At one Albany gas station, there were 4 gas drive-offs in a matter of hours. "You just barely can make it," said Lewis.

So how bad is it?  And how much are drivers really paying? We added it all up for you.

The average person drives 12,000 miles a year so that's 1,000 miles a month. Using an average of 20 miles to the gallon at last year's Georgia average of nearly $2.92, 50 gallons a month had you dishing out more than $145.

"Looks like it's getting higher and higher," said Lewis.

Lewis is right.  Today at the Georgia average of nearly $3.72, those same 50 gallons for the month will cost you more than $185. That's an extra $40 a month and an extra $478 for the entire year.

"We're just catching up to the rest of the world as far as the prices go," said Zeurn. Many drivers have given up any hope of things changing.

"No, it'll get worse," said Zeurn.

"I'm just praying to God that I'll be glad when something gives," said Lewis.

If something doesn't give, expect those cost comparisons to be even greater over the next few months.

Here's another comparison.  It costs you about $48 for 13 gallons at Georgia's average price. A year ago, those same 13 gallons would have been $10 less.  



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