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Governor signs new credit freeze law

May 13, 2008

Thomasville-- Are you worried about your identity being stolen?   Georgia may now be ahead of the game when it comes to stopping identity thieves.

Tuesday Governor Sonny Perdue signed a low-fee credit freeze into law. If you're concerned that crooks may have access to your personal information, you can get an immediate credit freeze for just $3. It's free for victims of identity theft and senior citizens.

Investigators in south Georgia say it's great news because identity theft is on the rise here.  "The credit freeze will actually let you stop identity fraud because you freeze your accounts and no one can open up new accounts and establish new credit on you once you've been alerted and place the freeze through the credit bureau companies," said Investigator Tim Watkins with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office

Investigators say to prevent identity theft, run credit checks on yourself at least once a year and shred mail with credit card offers you don't plan to use.




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