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Code Red system has plenty of room

May 13, 2008

Albany --  Since Saturday, 400 people in Albany and Dougherty County residents registered for the Code Red Weather Alert system, and emergency officials hope that number will grow even more.

Forty-thousand numbers were pulled from a phone book database, but that's only for one of the city's two Code Red Alert systems.

They want everyone to go to the internet and register their number to ensure they're included when the alert from the National Weather Service and the local EMA office are sent.

"Just to be sure 100 percent sure you're in the system, go ahead take the two minutes it takes to sign up," says Deputy EMA Director Jim Vaught. "I can assure you your cell phone number isn't in it so take this opportunity put your land line, put your cell number maybe you just want two cell numbers however you want it two numbers per address."

They also encourage businesses to register their numbers.

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