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Commissioners question funding Albany Tomorrow

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May 13, 2008

Albany -- Albany City Commissioners may back out of an agreement to keep funding Albany Tomorrow Incorporated.

Last year, the City agreed to give A.T.I. $300,000 over two years to manage downtown projects and for A.T.I.'s operating budget.

Now some commissioners question whether they should give that second $150,000. They're not sure the city still needs A.T.I.

"It should be a diminishing amount going to ADDICA because their projects are ending this fall. In September, October all of their projects should be complete.

And there really is no need to give them $150,000 for the whole year when they won't be managing projects for us any longer," said Ward III City Commissioner, Morris Gurr.

City commissioners are requesting A.T.I. give a yearly report to show it deserves the funding.