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Albany little league dispute resolved


May 12, 2008

Albany--  There's now a level playing field in a dispute between two Albany little league baseball teams.

Albany National refused to play against Flint River after an April 10th incident when a parent encouraged her child to fight an Albany National player. That mom was banned from Albany National games at the 8th Avenue ballpark but was still allowed to attend games at Flint River's facility.

Albany National refused to play there because of safety concerns. Team leaders met with city leaders Monday afternoon to find a solution.

"We're going to have the kids play the games that haven't been played at a neutral location, Ken Gardens, with our staff present and we're going to move forward with them to develop policies and procedures for their entire Little League organization," said Albany Recreation and Parks Director Suzanne Davis.

All the players will now still be tournament eligible. Board members from both leagues will meet regularly to build better relationships and teams for next season.