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Dougherty will be working on the railroad

May 12, 2008

Dougherty County -- South Georgia drivers may start to see improvements to several railroad crossings throughout Dougherty County.

The Department of Public Works wants to repair 18 railroad crossings. They will start by repairing seven of the worst intersections.

Fixing those will cost the county a little more than 360 thousand dollars. But this project is time-sensitive and the longer it goes without repair the more the project could cost.

"We had calls of some of the spikes in the tracks protruding up and damaging tires and causing front end damage. And it's really just an inconvenience. You have school buses with kids being effected. And it's really not conducive to traffic," said Public Works Director, Larry Cook.

Public works hopes to get started in the next three to six months, but are dependant on cooperation from the railroad companies to start the repairs.


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