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Gas prices pit racing industry

May 12, 2008

Adel - The racing business takes professional drag racer Joshua Hernandez all over the county.

"Every week we are in a new city, living at the races, meeting new faces. We are having a good time."

Except when it comes to the budget.

With a struggling economy and high prices at the pump, his crew feels the pinch.

"We are definitely seeing a crunch with the fuel prices. Our 18 wheelers that we use to transport the vehicles, they run on diesel and diesel is the most expensive fuel you see at the pump these days," Hernandez says.

But it doesn't just affect his bottom line. Business is down at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Adel, too, where gas prices have pitted both drivers and fans from visiting the track.

"The fans aren't out in full force. The cars aren't out in full force and I'd say we are down 50%," says Park Manager Dennis Nixon.

Desperate times call for desperate measures as they find creative ways to fill the stands.  "Two events for the price of one, give away tickets and just trying to do everything we can to make it where people can afford to come out," he says.

And keep the engines revved and running until the economy can catch up.

But there's some good news for fans.  The Motorsports Park will be offering two for one deals for their races this weekend. 

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