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Dougherty woman awarded the Liberty Bell Award

May 12, 2008

Albany -- A Dougherty County nurse is honored for her commitment to the law through her work with drug addicts and people with mental illness.

Queen Hall earned the Liberty Bell award. The Dougherty Circuit Bar Association gives the annual award to someone who promotes a better understanding of the rule of law and demonstrates civic responsibility.

Hall works to make sure that drug addicts and mentally ill patients get care instead of just going to prison.

"There are a lot of people who are homeless and wondering the streets and they are not going to get medication. They are not going to be stable. And the situation is not going to get any better unless we pay attention to it and help them. And they deserve it because they are citizens also," said Hall.

The Bar Association also presented two Westover High students and one Monroe high school student with awards for their annual essay contest.



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