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Wildcats offense struggling in 2008

May 12, 2008

Albany -- The South Georgia Wildcats offense was among the best in AF2 last season, finishing fifth in the league in scoring.

Quarterback D. Bryant set a franchise record with 102 touchdown passes, but things have been different with new personnel this year.

While constant player movement in the AF2 changes the look of a franchise year-to-year, the South Georgia Wildcats were still expecting to be an offensive powerhouse this season.

But despite a wide receiver corps rated among the best in the league, the Cats production has been down.

South Georgia averages 49.7 points per game this year, down from 54.7 last season.

They're also turning the ball over at a more frequent rate, including four in the second half Saturday night against Tennessee Valley, and the two interceptions were returned for touchdowns.

In a league where coaches value possessions almost as much as points, that presents a big problem.

Wide receiver Buchie Ibeh says, "That's Arena Football. It's all about stops.

You can't have any stops, and we had four of them, so that was very bad for us."

Wildcats head coach Derek Stingley says the pass protection left a lot to be desired in the loss against the Vipers.

"You would think that at this point, in Week 7, we would have protection schemes down, and know what to do with certain defensive fronts, but tonight it looked like we just started training camp," said Stingley.

Wide receiver P.J. Berry added, "It doesn't click. If the pass protection is there, then the reads aren't right. If the read's right, then we, as receivers, are dropping the ball or running the wrong routes. This year, for some reason, we just haven't clicked everything together."

While the offensive struggles are frustrating, Ibeh says the Cats will get it right.

"Every week we fix something," says Ibeh, "so we're just going to keep fixing something, until we get on track, and when we get it together, when we do, it's gonna be nasty."

The Cats host Corpus Christi Saturday at 7:30.

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