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Safety, not race, keeps an Albany team away from rival

May 11, 2008

Albany -- An Albany little league team that refuses to play against their rival; say the decision has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with safety.

On April 10th, a parent at a game between Flint River and Albany National encouraged her child to fight one of the Albany National players.

That parent was then suspended from attending any Albany National games at the 8th Avenue facility for the rest of the regular and post season.

She was still allowed to go to games at Flint River's facility. Albany National now doesn't feel safe playing with that parent present at the games.

"There have been no racial undertones. The protection of our children and their parents are first and foremost. And we do not feel that Flint River is looking out for the best interest if our children and their parents as well as their safety," said President of Albany National, Jon Lesieur.

PRIDE Youth Sports President Patrick Wise told us Saturday that there were several undertones that led to the decision.

The Albany Parks of Recreation will hold a hearing on the matter Monday afternoon at 3:00 PM.


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