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Kindervision help keep kids from going missing

May 10, 2008

Albany -- It only takes a few minutes for a child to go missing. "We don't always know when or where or who, so it's always good to be alert," said parent, Gloria Povoncha.

"With all the prowlers and everything and all these other people out here, it's very easy for them to be snatched away," said grandmother, Gloria Covin.

A fact the founders of KinderVision know all too well. "It started as a result of the murder of a 7-year-old in our community, and we didn't want that to happen anywhere else," said KinderVision Executive Director, Nancy Sebastian.

"During that time, I saw that there was a serious need for education materials and resources," said Founder and President, Doug Sebastian.

And for the past 19 years, the Sebastian's have been working on educating children on how they can stay safe. "I learned that you shouldn't talk to strangers because they could kidnap and, you won't have any help," said D'eJah Wilson.

"If somebody ask you to go into their car, don't do it unless you really know them," said Mattie Veiland.

"It doesn't have to be an abduction, it can be a molestation that can ruin a child's life and we want to keep that from happening," said Nancy Sebastian.

In addition to teaching them how to keep out of harms way, fingerprints and a video clip were made to be used in case of an abduction. "It can be a pretty emotional time, so anything that you have available can be helpful," said Albany Police Patrolman, Janel Herring.

"These crimes are generally crimes of opportunity," said Doug Sebastian. So making sure your kids know what not to do, will keep them from being a predator's next target.


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