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Teens go hungry to fight world hunger

May 10, 2008

Lee County -- Several South Georgia students went hungry for more than a day to bring awareness for those who go hungry everyday.

Volunteers from five local church groups were only allowed to drink juice or water during Worldvision's "30 Hour Famine" to see firsthand what its like for those who go hungry everyday.

But this group took it a step further by sleeping outside under cardboard boxes. "For a lot of people this is their everyday life, and we just did it for one day. And it was as hard as anything," said Hannah Sims.

"It's a great experience getting to work with all these other churches, and just getting our kids together. They know each other at school. They see each other every day of the week, and having them grow in Christ together on the weekend's is just an awesome thing," said Youth Minister, Tim Morris.

The teens also raised close to three thousand dollars that will go toward WorldVision's fight against hunger.

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