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Albany Firefighters standardize trucks

May 9, 2008

Albany -- Albany Firefighters are refitting their trucks to make sure they're all the same in design and equipment storage.

Firefighters have worked for six months on a standardization program. That meant buying about $300,000 of equipment, which is now being installed by firefighters on 11 pumpers and one aerial truck.  

The biggest change is that all trucks now will have five inch diameter hoses to deliver more water. The goal is to be able to put out fires as quickly as possible. Albany Fire Department Chief James Carswell said "Time is our worst enemy, in the sense that the longer a fire burns the more damage it does. The quicker we can put it out, the less damage, the more money saved."

 The standardization program is part of Albany's push to lower the city's Insurance Services Offices rating which would mean lower insurance costs for businesses and homeowners.


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