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Moody honors military spouses

May 9, 2008

Valdosta - Airmen from Moody Air Force Base are constantly deployed, answering the call of duty.

While they're away, their spouses are left with a duty of their own; handling all the family's responsibilities.

Friday, the base recognized those spouses for their dedication and sacrifices.

The airmen at Moody Air Force Base often have complicated jobs. And their families may have no idea what they really do.

"There's things he can talk about that they've done and sometimes you just don't get it!" says Samantha McKinney. 

But the base wants to change all that with spouse day.  "This is the first year that there's been a real effort to get all the agencies involved and move it up a notch," says Sharon Thompson, one of the event coordinators.

Each unit opened their doors to all Moody families.  "To participate and be involved in an A-10 simulator or to be in an Air Traffic Control tower, those give you a chance to do hands on things so you can really appreciate it," Thompson adds.

They'll get to check out their latest gear, equipment and weapons. They hope to give each family a better understanding of the job.

"You get more of the hands on experience, on the trucks and getting to see what they do on a day to day basis," says Kelly Henderson.

"It does help if you are a first time spouse or first time deployment spouse. if you don't quite know exactly what you husband does, I think it helps out a little bit," adds Megan Gates.

And give the airmen a chance to recognize the service and sacrifice their families make too.


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