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Acid blocks Albany traffic

May 9, 2008

Albany -- Traffic was briefly shut down this morning along a stretch of South Slappey while fire crews worked to clean up a chemical spill.

Around 9:00, three Albany Fire units were called out to the 1700 block of South Slappey where they found fumes leaking from a gallon container of muriatic acid. 

"Once we identified it, it was a simple process. We picked up the container and stopped the leaking. We were able to dilute product that had spilt on the road with water," said Albany Fire Dept. Asst. Chief Allen Cravey.

Traffic was blocked off for about 10 minutes. Fire officials say they don't know who the container belonged to, but said muriatic acid is a commonly used cleaning chemical that is typically not hazardous unless released into the air.


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