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Lou Vega visits Wildcats Corner

May 8, 2008

Albany - South Georgia Wildcats offensive line has battled through injuries early in the season.

Fortunately for the Wildcats, guard Lou Vega has been able to play center in the absence of center Donald Usry.

Vega is back at guard with the return of Usry and is Cecil Lester's guest in this week's Wildcats Corner.

Cecil Lester said "Hey we are back. This is Cecil Lester with Wildcats Corner. i am here with Lou Vega from the boogie down Bronx. Lou tell me something. This is your first season and first time in Georgia. How does it feel to be in Georgia during the summertime?

Lou Vega said "I tell you what. This is one of the hottest experiences i have ever had during the summer time. Especially down here in southwest Georgia baby. Coming from New York City, it is probably 70 degrees right now or even cooler. Right now it is 80 and we are on fire. Do you here what I am saying."

Lester said "The South Georgia Wildcats are on fire and Lou is one of the guys who protects our quarterbacks that throws the touchdowns that puts the points on the board. Lou tell me how do you do it."

Vega said "How do i do it? Let me give you a little secret about myself. It is starting to trickle down from New York City. They call me "Mr. Technician". Do you know why? Because of my technique of blocking for my quarterback to score those touchdowns is inpenetrable. Do you hear me. Inpenetrable because nobody gets by Lou Vega."

Lester said "For those of you who don't know that means nobody can get through him. Now Lou tell me something about you that the fans might not know? Vega "woo. Something that the fans might not know. (pause) I love rice and beans. Hey."

Lester said "There you have it. Here is one guy from New York who loves rice and beans. Here it is I am Cecil Lester with Lou Vega back in the Wildcats Corner."

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