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Crime troubles Albany Habitat for Humanity

May 8, 2008

Albany --Volunteers who came to Albany to help deserving families, didn't get a very friendly welcome.

Two Habitat for Humanity volunteers were robbed at gunpoint just a day after thieves stole building materials from Habitat's South Albany build site.  But  the volunteers are carrying on their work.

24 year old Liz Busch of Iowa wears the sign on her back, saying" be nice to me, I just got robbed." But there was nothing funny when she and another Habitat volunteer were robbed at gunpoint.  Busch said "A car pulled up, opened a door, a passenger held a gun at us, insisted we empty our pockets for them." 21 year old Tony Mosca and Busch, both Americorps workers, were taking a walk Wednesday night after building houses for families in need here, when they were stuck up.  Mosca said "I threw him my wallet, my phone, and my pack of cigarettes. Then he told us to walk away or he would shoot us."

Tony and Liz were back at work Thursday doing their part to build this community. Flint River Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Stacey Odom-Driggers said "you have to respect them and their dedication, because they are still out here today. It didn't stop them either, so that the good thing, the spirit out here."

The night before thieves stole one thousand dollars worth of lumber from the build site in Woodland Oaks. Criminals tearing down the good works of people trying hard to build a better Albany.  Mosca said "it's disappointing that a few people would try to bring down this community when so many are trying to bring it up."

Habitat leaders went door to door in the neighborhood today, asking residents to report strangers in the build site. Police say they will have extra patrols in the area.

These volunteers determined to not let crime stop their building.

Habitat leaders keep their tools and supplies locked in storage trucks, because of thefts, but now are considering hiring security guards to stay at their build sites at night.


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