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Retailers offer incentives to get your stimulus check

May 7, 2008

Albany-  If you haven't gotten your economic stimulus check yet, it will soon be in the mail.

Now, retailers are turning up the heat and offering incentives that include doubling your check in the hopes of getting you to spend it in their business. The National Retail Federation expects people to spend nearly $43 billion or close to half of the money the government is distributing.

Shop, shop, shop. It's the message from retailers everywhere and they're willing to offer incentives to get you to do it, including adding to your economic stimulus check if you'll spend it at their business. KIA Autosport will double your check if you spend it on a new car.

"That's absolutely true on a 2008 Kia they come in bring that we're going to double it, whatever they spend," said Mike Morris, Kia Autosport General Manager.

They're hoping with the sky rocketing price of gas, consumers will consider a smaller car like the Rio that gets up to 41 miles per gallon a win/win.

"All of a sudden there's a huge difference in savings you can literally almost make the entire if not the entire payment in gas savings alone," said Morris.

The world's largest retailer Walmart will forgo its three dollar check cashing fee for the stimulus checks, hoping you might spend some of your check before you leave the store. Both Kmart and it's parent company Sears will give you a 10 percent bonus if you put your entire check onto a gift card, but there's a catch, you must have the check in your hand.

"Unfortunately it's not extended to the people who did direct deposit," said Kelvin Tompkins, Sears Operations manager. We questioned, "So you have to have the paper check?" "Have to have the paper check," said Tompkins.

While the deals sound pretty good, shoppers we talked to may need some more convincing to spend their checks all in one place.

"I don't know about the deal with Sears where you have to use the gift card and you use all your money there but for other places that offer incentives I'm sure I would," said Kim Davis, a consumer.

"Well, I got to pay bills with it, but I might spend a little of it at Walmart or somewhere like that for my grandkids," said Della McGill, a consumer.

KIA told us they've had a couple of people take advantage of their offer, Sears said the same, and both say only time will tell if shoppers will take advantage of their offers and spend, spend, spend.

Other businesses offering deals include Staples and Sony.




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