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Albany Rescue Mission faces food shortage

May 7, 2008

Albany -- Hundreds of people are fed a balanced diet through the three meals provided every day at the Albany Rescue Mission. "Recently the numbers have really increased. We are feeding over 7,000 meals a month, and a bulk of this is going to the general public," said Founder and Director, Brother Larry Hample.

"We get chicken, rice, vegetables. You have more vegetables than you have food, but there is no need to complain because if you can't get this here, where else are you going to get it," said Billy Pitley.

And those extra meals are really starting to take its toll. "We just started running out of food. Our food supplies in our pantries are gone," said Hample.

Though the demand has increased, their food supply remains the same. "We go to the food bank every week, like a lot of the agencies. Than ACC and Western Supplies, and also grocery stores and people come by to donate," said Hample.

And this isn't just a problem for the Albany Rescue Mission. "It's everybody. We cover 20 counties, and most of our agencies are finding it difficult to find food to meet the need out there.  And we think its only going to get worse," said CEO of the Food bank of Southwest Georgia, Brett Kirkland.

"If food goes up 25% and gas goes up 40% and if the rent goes up 10%; all that effects a little paycheck and that pushes the poor person over the edge," said Albany Rescue Mission volunteer, Mary Ann Martin Johnson.

But if the Albany Rescue Mission doesn't get more food, they may have to severely cut their services. "If it gets to that point we will have to cancel the public feeding to one meal a day," said Hample.

And at a time when more and more people are in need  that could force a lot of people to go hungry. To find out how to help the Albany Rescue Mission, click here.


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