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Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day important in Dougherty

May 7, 2008

Albany -- More than 345 Dougherty County teenagers get pregnant every year, and 25 percent of them already have at least one child.

And if you think it doesn't affect you, you're wrong. Those births cost taxpayers nearly six million dollars in 2004 alone. 

That's why National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day takes on special meaning here. Phoebe's Network of Trust hosted a luncheon to promote the prevention of this growing problem.

"Teen moms are more likely to not finish schools. They are much more likely to have larger families, and are much more likely that those families are going to be headed by single households. And it just continues the cycle of poverty," said Southwest Health District Director, Dr. Jacqueline Grant.

Though Dougherty County has reduced the teen pregnancy rate by 30 percent, it still exceeds the state average.

The state of Georgia and Phoebe's Network of Trust are working to reduce teen pregnancies by 15 percent by 2015.

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