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China strikes back

May 6, 2008

Beijing (NBC)--Chinese officials said today it was too early to blame the heparin-like chemical, Hypersulfated Chondroitin Sulfate, for the deaths of more than 80 people in the U.S.

In a news conference in Beijing, the deputy director of China's National Institute for the Control of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products said his department still does not know what caused the deaths.

Pharmaceutical company Baxter recalled batches of heparin that were found to be tainted with the similar, but cheaper, chemical the FDA says may have caused the deaths.

Now, the Chinese are saying Baxter destroyed the recalled drugs, making it impossible to determine what led to the deaths.

China says the Chinese supplier is a holding of a U.S. company, Scientific Protein Laboratories, which they say should bear responsibility for the plant and its products.



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