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Lynd denied stay of execution

May 6, 2008

Valdosta - The Georgia Supreme Court has denied a Berrien County mans request for a stay of execution.

The request was William Lynd's last hope to put off the execution, scheduled for Tuesday at 7:00 PM.

Lynd was convicted for the 1988 shooting death of his girlfriend, Ginger Moore at their Berrien County home.

He will be the first inmate in the country executed since the supreme court ruled that lethal injection is constitutional.

Lynd's attorneys expect to appeal to the US Supreme Court but it is unlikely they'll act in time to put off the execution.

William Lynd is scheduled to die in one hour for a crime he committed two decades ago.

But investigator Wayne Luke remembers it like it was yesterday.  "It was one of the bigger cases that we've had since I was at the Sheriff's Office in 1985 and it was a lot of man hours, a lot of phone calls, a lot of investigative work."

A few days before Christmas, he was called to the home of Lynd and his girlfriend Ginger Moore. Her mother had reported her missing.

He immediately new something was wrong.  "We went out to the house and found a lot of the blood in the house. There were some Christmas presents that were suppose to be delivered that were there."

Lynd turned himself in to the Berrien County Sheriffs Office on New Years. He led deputies to a shallow grave in Tift County where he had buried Moore's body. He revealed the shocking details of what happened.

The two had consumed Valium, marijuana and alcohol and argued. Lynd shot her two times in the head, stuffed her body in the trunk of his car and shot her again.

Prosecutors said she died a slow, agonizing death.  "My understanding is he killed another girl and buried her That's too bad he can't be executed twice because I would enjoy pulling the switch," Robert Morgan, a Berrien County resident.

His execution will now be closure for Moore's family, the investigators and the entire community.



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