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South Georgia ag economy growing stronger

May 6, 2008

Albany -- The 2008 Farm Bill may be finished this week.

Farm Service Agency Administrator Teresa Lasseter says South Georgia's economy will get a big boost from an increased need for agricultural products.

 Lasseter said South Georgia farmers should get record prices for their crops this year, because of world wide demand. Lasseter says the demand for corn just for ethanol use is predicted to be 16 percent higher this year, and the cost is estimated to increase more than a dollar a bushel.

She said showing again why agriculture is so important for national security. F.S.A. Administrator Teresa Lasseter said " we are able to feed ourselves, and cloth ourselves, and much of the rest of the world. So it's given us a stability and safety."

 Lasseter told Dougherty County Rotarians that Washington legislators should vote on the 2008 Farm Bill later this week, assuring farmers of emergency relief in case of drought losses.


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