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Relief is on the way for Nottingham Way traffic

May 6, 2008

Albany -- It can be a waiting game for drivers on Nottingham Way. "When traffic is real bad, I wait about 15 to 20 minutes at the most," said Monica Gilylrd.

"Come holiday season, Thanksgiving and Christmas, just forget about getting anywhere in that area," said Ward V City Commissioner, Bob Langstaff Jr.

And many drivers fail the test of patience. "The intersection of Nottingham and Westover Road have been the number one accident site in the city for a number of years," said Langstaff. 

A 70-thousand dollar traffic study proposes connecting Westover to Ledo to help reduce traffic congestion.  "Where Westover has the furniture store behind the mall, it would just extend into Ledo road close to Byne church. And it would actually go under the Bypass. There would be bridges built on the bypass to go over it," said Langstaff.

"We feel like it would ease congestion on Nottingham Way and allow easier access from Dougherty County into Ledo and Ledo into Dougherty Counties," said Transportation Engineer, Ritchey Marbury.

There would also be a traffic light placed on Nottingham at the entrance to the Carmike Cinemas and Kohls. "The problem is the lack of right of way. So we would provide some left and right turns along Nottingham Way," said Marbury.

The total amount of the project will cost about 10 million dollars with the federal and state government paying most of it. The local government would pay between 10 to 20 percent of those costs.

And Albany city leaders want Lee County to share those expenses. "We would split that local match because it is going to benefit Lee county, just as it will benefit Dougherty County.

And it will benefit people coming from other counties who are coming here. Making it easier for shoppers to spend money and pump revenue into the economies of both Lee and Dougherty Counties.

Changes to Nottingham are scheduled to begin by the end of the year. And the completion of the extension of Westover to Ledo could take five to seven years.


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