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Live-in boy friend charged with child's murder

18-year-old Vincent Soilberry (Source: APD) 18-year-old Vincent Soilberry (Source: APD)

May 5, 2008

Albany --  An 18-year-old Albany teen is now charged with beating a three-year old boy to death. Vincent Soilberry lived with the little boy and the child's mother.  

Police reports paint a picture of an angry rage during which the child was beaten so severely his liver ruptured.    

Even though Vincent Soilberry told 911 that little Shondarious Roney drowned, investigators knew almost immediately that wasn't what happened. The tiny boy's body was covered with bruises.

"This was an intentional act, and I must leave it at that," said an obviously impassioned Chief Assistant District Attorney Greg Edwards. Murder warrants state that Soilberry struck the child several times on his upper body with his closed fists, so hard that his liver ruptured, his ribs were fractured, and he had internal injuries.

"It was through investigation, and witnesses, and the forensic work of Albany Police Department, that we were able to bring this matter to a conclusion with these charges," said Edwards.

When we asked why Soilberry beat the three year old, Edwards said: "I can't comment on facts, we must preserve the matter until it goes before an approperiate tribunal."

However, Albany Police reports indicate Shondarius soiled himself. Soilberry apparently flew into a rage.

Prosecutors say this should serve as a warning that this type of behavior won't be tolerated. "We want to let those who would hurt children know that justice is going to be swift and is going to be sure," said the Assistant D. A. Soilberry remains in the Dougherty County Jail.

The victim's mother, 21-year-old Shaquita Bell was not home at the time. Neighbors say Soilberry had lived with the mother and son for about a year.


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